Diederik Peeters
2017 - 2019

A project by Diederik Peeters in close collaboration with loads of very nice and talented people whose names will appear here sometime soon

Supported by the Flemish Community and a bunch of willing partners whose names will also appear sometime soon

An associated production of SPIN and our friends of Amicale de Production

©H.E. Doublier

With his desire for immortality as the main driving force, Peeters sets out to find out if there is life after death.

As a starting point he will focus on the 'voice without a body', a phenomenon ghostly by definition. In a quest for the alleged connection between this 'disembodied' voice, death and afterlife, he will explore both past and future. Disguised as a spiritualist he infiltrates the end of the 19th century to mingle there with prominent scientists and revisit the fantasies and mysteries that surround popular inventions of the time. Simultaneously, he catapults himself to the end of the 21st century to see what developments in voice technology are used to resurrect the dead, and what hard- or software can help spirits and ghosts gain access to a body again.

Navigating between history and science-fiction, and between skepticism and faith, Peeters leads an expedition through the grim and moist tunnels that connect science with magic and technology with horror. And along the way, it is to be expected that the cult of rationality, as the supposed triumphant finality of human evolution, will have to be unmasked.

If calculations are correct, the explorations will be concluded somewhere in the autumn of 2019. But in the meantime Peeters returns to the present at regular intervals to report back the findings of his quest. Last fall he presented the lecture 'How to Invoke Apparitions' and the installation 'Apparition of an Afterlife' in Netwerk Aalst and at Impakt Festival in Utrecht (NL). He also hosted two public talks with three eerie guests at La Bellone in Brussels. In the beginning of 2019 he showed the lecture-performance 'Apparitions Schizophoniques' at Vivat in Armentières (F). In the spring he will perform the radio-play 'Apparitionals' in Théâtre de Poche Hédé (Rennes, F) and at Nona (Mechelen, B) in collaboration with Radio Klara. At Buda (Kortrijk, B) he will also show a the short dance-piece 'Muted Appartionals' and a ghostly reading called 'Spectrophilia' with Andros Zins-Browne and Stina Nyberg.