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Schizophonic Apparitions

Diederik Peeters
Lecture, 2018

By and with Diederik Peeters in close collaboration with Anna Czapski (irrational advise), Henri-Emmanuel Doublier & Ivan Fatj (technique), Lieven Dousselaere (sound), Marion Le Guerroué (connections to reality), Camillle Bono (intern production) et Laura Deschepper & Kevin Deffrennes (administrative magic)

thanks to Agnès Quackels, Marine Prunier and Marine Thevenet

associated production SPIN & l'Amicale de Production

support Flemish Community

coproducers of Apparitions (under discussion) le Vivat - scène conventionnée danse et théâtre d'Armentières, kunstencentrum BUDA - Courtrai, kunstencentrum NONA - Malines, la Ville de Rennes - Salle Ropars, Vooruit - Gand.

Partners Brakke Grond - Amsterdam, Fructose - Dunkerque, Impakt - Utrecht, Netwerk - Alost/BE

©Pieter Kers

For this module, Peeters built further on the lecture of the first module, How to invoke Apparitions, but the main objective was to experiment the transition from a theatrical set-up to that of the visual arts. After a while, the audience — initially comfortably seated — is invited to discover the back-stage,

hidden by a curtain. The lecture thus transforms into an installation, and the stage becomes

an exhibition space. The audience shifts from the position of spectator to that of an explorer,

in the immersive environment of the installation.



Le Vivat, Armentières (FR)