Diederik Peeters

Despite a degree in visual arts, it’s above all in the stables of the stage arts that Diederik Peeters got lost. He has been reported to pop up in the work of colleague-artists, cunningly disguised as actor, performer or even advisor. But he especially keeps insisting on brewing his own artistic concoctions, sometimes in collaboration with carefully selected accomplices. Peeters committed several shows and performances, such as 'Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep, he waits', 'Red Herring' or 'Apparitions'... Peeters has a pathological preference for confusion. In his work the notion of a solid and unchanging reality is stubbornly sabotaged. Absurdities and contradictions pile up to reveal a universe where everything is constantly transforming, and nothing ever remains what it seems to be.

Along with Kate McIntosh and Hans Bryssinck he is a founding member of SPIN, a support and reflection platform based in Brussels.