At Least Begin to Make an End

Bryssinck & Peeters

A performance and an installation by Bryssinck & Peeters

for the exhibition 'At Least Begin to Make an End'

curated by Ann Demeester

with a lot of people whose names unfortunately didn't all get written down

performed and produced at W139, Amsterdam (NL)

©Bryssinck & Peeters

A very complicated performance in W139 involving lots of extra collaborators and loads of instructions. Performed at the opening of the group-exhibition 'At Least Begin to Make an End', curated by Ann Demeester. The performance involved over 20 actions performed at the same time on different spots in and outside the W139 exhibition space, making it impossible for the audience to see the whole performance. The centre-piece of the performance however, launching Peeters into the Xth dimension by powers of simultanious simultitude, didn't work out the way it should have on the opening night, and consequently had to be redone a week later (check out the video!). After the performance an installation stayed on display in the exhibition.

from the scenario:

List of material that has to be brought in

1 Videowall: part 1+2 of the bedbunk + the structure + the monitorsets (extension cord) + cushion

2 Lettermachine

3 supporting elements 3 Bull's eye

4 Balloon

5 Launching element

6 Audiomaterial: 4 speakers and cable + the stereo on wheels (extension cord)

7 The tower + ladder

8 The heating cannon (extension cord)

9 Telephone + ladder

Built-up in space

1 videowall: 2 p with the structure

2 p with the bedbunk

4 p with the monitorset

1 p lies the cushions down

2 lettermachine: 2 p put it in place on the ground and have the supportive elements ready

3 bull's eye: danai

4 balloon: danai

5 launching element: diederik and hans

6 audiomaterial: 2 p place the speakers

2 p tape the speakercable to the ground and attach cable to system

7 the tower: 2p start piling the tower, put the rope through the elements, connect the elements with one rope

8 1 p places the heating cannon next to the launching element (not to close so it doesn't burn) and fill the tank a little bit with gasoline

9 1 p hangs the telephone on the post, connect the wire through the air

Everybody should have their hats, scarfs, gloves, and jackets on by the end of the count-down.

On 17 seconds 1 p puts on the heating cannon

1 p goes out the big space and makes a phonecall

The moment. 1 p starts all the videoplayers

2 p open the lettermachine

danai lets go off the balloon

hans lights the helmet of diederik

diederik gets launched

1 p pulls the rope of the tower, so it dances a little

arrow comes flying through space

Opening of the jackets, taking of scarfs…

1letteringmachine goes down again

2bulls eye goes down

3speakers are taken away + speaker cable

4p take away the tower + ladder

5heating system goes out

6telephone is taken away

7 launching platform is taken away

8 presses play for beiaardsound

©Bryssinck & Peeters
©Bryssinck & Peeters
©Bryssinck & Peeters