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Bryssinck & Peeters

Bryssinck & Peeters

25th HOUR

How we can expand the functionality of a (corporate) office.

The two flexworkers Diederik Peeters and Hans Bryssinck will do nightshifts from Saturday the 1st of December until Sunday the 9th of December. They want to occupy an office-space -preferably on the 25th floor- in the time when the offices are not in use. They slide from the 24- to the 25-hour economy to ensure 1 hour of quality time. Their work during nighttime will partly consist of the investigation how free space and time within the world of a company can be recuperated for small independent work (e.g. the artist). There is no need for financial profit, but there is the believe that in one way or another the company can benefit from it.

The office-space will be considered as a satellite, related to, but also fully independent operational, from the base, that in this time is the _____gallery. The office will possibly be used as a site-specific place for the shooting of footage, for streaming broadcasting on the net, for taping the 25th hour of quality time on video, for the development of the B&P strategy through infiltration, but mainly as the flexworkers' office. If there is a possibility to it then they want to invite people form the outside to their office. Although the office might also put them in complete isolation, considering it a true satellite. Telephonelines and windows are a necessity to establish communication with the base.

Eventually the flexworkers can consider it part of their duty to be the nightwatchers of the building in their period of stay on the 25th floor.