Swords & Sandals

Roch Baumert, Alix Eynaudi & Diederik Peeters

Roch Baumert, Alix Eynaudi & Diederik Peeters

concept & performance Rochus Baumertus, Alixa Eynaudia, Diederikus Peetersus

production Margarita Production for SPIN vzw

coproduction La Filature, Scène nationale de Mulhouse, Beursschouwburg

in partnership with Impulstanz Vienna, La Bellone, Workspace Brussels, Kaaitheater

photography Mario Minichmayr & David Tynnauer

costumes Sabine Desbonnets & Alix Eynaudi

thanks to Archäologischer Park Carnuntum, Restaurant Flein, Abdul Sharif Baruwa, Soraia Costa, Karen Lambaek Christensen, Michael Minichmayr, Faris Rahoma, Karim Rahoma, Didi Resch, Philippe Riéra, Khaled Sharaf El Din, Michael Zellinger

©David Tynnauer

For a unique evening, package-deal and one-time event, Roch Baumert, Alix Eynaudi & Diederik Peeters will dress up as Romans, lay down on a bench, and eat and drink as much as they can, while addressing the topics of the day. Engineering a time machine of a cruel kind, they invite you to pay tribute to both classical antiquity and to the worst, or best, Roman epic films from the sixties.

There will be erotics, red wine and blood. There will be truly classical theatre and the spotlights of an Italian disco night. And of course it will all be in French. Or no in English. And Latin. And maybe some Italianus as well. Come!