Buda Vista: Babelisation Tent

SPIN OFF, 2014

organised by SPIN

in dialogue with BUDA Kunstencentrum

Throughout the evening SPIN invites you to drop in for a visit - bring your drink, lie down and join for a conversation. We're playing with ways to talk about the performances we've seen tonight; playing with the after-images, the sparks and the questions that are left. Not a critique, not an 'after-talk', this is a memory game to unravel impressions and see where it leads.

For each BUDA VISTA, SPIN organizes interventions that are tailored to the festival's program. These interventions are experiments in meeting, doing and reflecting together - as audience, artists and public. The Babelisation Tent is the 4th proposal to BUDA VISTA.



BUDA Kunstencentrum, Kortrijk (BE)