Hans Bryssinck

concept & performance Hans Bryssinck

in collaboration with (alternating) Brecht Bryssinck, Diederik Peeters, Katja Dreyer, Koen Van der Straeten, Cis Bierinckx, ...

with a work by Kwinten Lavigne "L'ho Perduta"

©Maya Wilsens

In these Safety Instructions Hans Bryssinck holds speeches in which he attempts to say something truthful. Because he fears to say something truthful and because he fears loneliness he invites a guest alongside an object or a machine that relates to them. This can range from bikers (motorbike), cyclists (bike) and green workers (chainsaw) to householders (vacuum cleaner). The dynamic that is created between the speech and the guest with his machine describes the struggle of speaking and hearing the truth.

These are short and spontaneous performances that are adapted according to the context. The space in which they take place, the guests and the content of the speech may vary.

©Jan Clays
©Reyn Van Koolwijk
©Reinout Hiel



Beursschouwburg, On y danse, Brussels (BE)


Vooruit Kunstencentrum, Tickle your catastrophe!, Gent (BE)


DasArts, Significant Collision, Amsterdam (NL)