Wilson y Los Más Elegantes

Hans Bryssinck
Film, Performance, 2014

A film by Hans Bryssinck

Produced by SPIN

Co-produced by Atelier Graphoui

Musicians Jose Paul Benavides Parra, Juan Antonia Caffiero Jorquera, Giuliano Caffiero, Hoverman España, Fernando Granada Zapata, Iván Darío Herrera Valencia, Aldemar Moncada, Gilberto Restrepo Giraldo, Cesar Torres, Javier Zapata

With Luis Eduardo Moreno Muñoz, el cantante del bar en Pereira, el vecino de Don Gilberto, Laura Barrientos, Hans Bryssinck, Luis Guilhermo Mejía Vallejo, la familia de Jaime, Ángela María Mejía Vallejo, Gloria Perea, Andrea Escandón, Carlos Alberto Mejía Vallejo, la familia Mejía Vallejo

Camera Raphaëlle Ayach, Juan Camilo Bedoya-Flores, Hans Bryssinck, Natalia Correa, Christoph Hefti, Elena Landinez, Nancy Mora, Diederik Peeters, David Quiroz, Juan Sebastián Uribe, Felipe Vanegas

Editing Fairuz & Hans Bryssinck

Sound mixing Christian Coppin

Sound recording Laura Barrientos, Hans Bryssinck, Natalia Correa, Angela Leyton

Producers Hans Bryssinck, Ellen Meiresonne, Rosa Spaliviero, Ingrid Vranken

Assistants Laura Barrientos, Daniela Moreno, Diana Torres

Set Photography Diana Marcela Cuartas Castillo, Nancy Mora, Luis Eduardo Muñoz Moreno

Supported by Beursschouwburg Brussels, BUDA Kunstencentrum Kortrijk, Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Residencies Arcapacha, Campos de Gutierrez, Casa Tres Patios, Interacciones Urbano Rural, Laagencia, Lugar A Dudas, Netwerk, Residencia en la Tierra

Postproduction facilities Atelier Graphoui

Color grading Fairuz

Titles Garage64

Subtitles Sublimage

This film would never have been made possible without the loving support of Christoph Hefti

Special thanks to Juan Der Hairabedian, Matthias Dolder, Dries Douibi, Natalia Duque, Nestor Gutierrez, Britt Hatzius, Marie Logie, Jan Lotter Benavides, Pete Mardy, Kate McIntosh, Andrés Monzón-Aguirre, Mauricio Rivera, Els Silvrants, Liesbeth Stas, Effi Weiss

Thanks to El Cafetín, El Rincón Clásico, Finca Las Margaritas, Tierra Mestiza, Univalle Estereo


A record by Wilson y Los Más Elegantes

Voice by Wilson
Los Más Elegantes are Hoverman España (guitar, requinto, tiple), Iván Darío Herrera Valencia (bass and iano) and Jose Paul Benavides Parra (second voice)
Recording, programming and mixing by Iván Darío Herrera Valencia
Mastering by Frederic Alstadt at Angstrom Mastering, Brussels, Belgium
Recorded at Acuarela Studio, Santiago de Cali, Colombia
Produced by Hans Bryssinck
Supported by SPIN, kunstencentrum BUDA and Vlaamse Gemeenschap
Artwork by CaliDoso

©Diana Marcela Cuartas Castillo

Wilson y Los Más Elegantes is a multidisciplinary project that the Belgian artist Hans Bryssinck developed over the past years in Colombia. Through the process of learning to sing traditional Colombian music he configures a series of new works ranging from performance, to music, to film.

He uses performative strategies to play with Colombian language and gestures and makes them his own, resulting in a clumsy but sincere intercultural dialogue. From the position of the intruder in another culture the artist investigates the edges of identity, in this particular case of colombianity. Instead of affirming and consolidating a specific identity, he plays with ambiguity and with doubt.

The Film

Bambuco is a Colombian musical genre that could be considered a national symbol and still evokes some kind of patriotic feeling. In Wilson y Los Más Elegantes we witness the birth of a new musical trio, which interprets traditional Colombian songs at family gatherings. The trio is composed of two native guitar players and a foreign singer who does everything possible, and more, to become a local. We follow the main character throughout his complex subjective experience and through the eyes of his bystanders.

Wilson y Los Más Elegantes won the audience award at the Theater Film Fest of Düsseldorf.

The Band

In the summer of 2013 during a radio appearance at Univalle Estereo in Cali Hans Bryssinck launched the band Wilson y Los Más Elegantes. They've performed mainly at private parties, but also passed through music venues, a bar, an exhibition, a film festival.

The band exclusively performs in Colombia but is present on facebook.

The Album

The first album of Wilson y Los Más Elegantes is made for people who want to connect with the Colombian classics. It brings a fine selection of bambucos, cumbias and a vals, featuring Wilson as a singing Colombian anomaly with his irresistible and inimitable accent. The original Spanish lyrics reveal an immediate glorification and a desire for the native land of Colombia.

"El Regreso is the song that I relate to the most," says Wilson; "because it testifies of the intense but also ambivalent sensations that come with returning to your native land."

The entire album was recorded at the Acuarela Studios in the city of Cali, the legendary musical capital of Colombia. The local caleño designer and illustrator CaliDoso created the artwork that evokes the idiosyncratic nature of Wilson y Los Más Elegantes


El Regreso . bambuco 4'20"
Letra y Música: Efraín Orozco
Soy Colombiano . bambuco 3'32"
Letra y Música: Rafael Godoy
Colombia Tierra Querida . cumbia 2'58"
Letra y Música: Lucho Bermúdez
A Unos Ojos . vals 4'01"
Letra: Hernan Videla Flores Música: Carlos Montbrun Ocampo
Yo Me Llamo Cumbia . cumbia 3'29"
Letra y Música: Mario Gareña


The B-side carries the instrumental versions, for learning to sing along at home and to give you a first hand experience of this traditional music.

Available at concerts, screenings, and from SPIN

©Ernesto Ryan
©Ernesto Ryan
©Ernesto Ryan
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©Christopher Shea
©Jolien Nayaert
©Hans Bryssinck
©Andrés Montaño



Transversales Festival, Mexico City (MX)


Weekend du Doc, La Bellone, Brussels (BE)


Le Vivat, Armentières (FR)


Le Cercle des Voyageurs, Brussels (BE)