After 6 years of joyful collaboration with the current employee, Diederik Peeters is looking for a new part-time producer who can assure production, logistical support and distribution of the projects.

We are looking for SOMEONE...

– with an interest in the artistic work of Diederik Peeters.
– who is challenged by what SPIN does and what SPIN stands for.
– with a good knowledge of the performing arts sector in Belgium and Europe.
– with a taste and appetite for various artistic disciplines.
– who wants to help think out vision and planning of long-term trajectories.
– who likes to look for creative solutions to realise the artistic vision.
– who enjoys direct contact with artists, collaborators and institutional partners.
– who likes to work from the rehearsal studio and can join on residencies or tours.
– who likes to take care of projects, the process and the collaborators.
– who enjoys working independently and can prioritise well.
– with good communication skills.
– who is meticulous, proactive and well organised.
– who is flexible and thrives on light chaos.
– with experience in managing and preparing budgets.
– who is multilingual (fluent in NL and/or ENG and/or FR).
– who is based in Belgium, France, Holland or Germany.
– who finds pleasure in organising and coordinating.
– with a good sense of humour.
– who responds to many of these criteria, but obviously not all.

Working closely with Diederik himself, the SPIN administration and the artistic and technical team, the producer participates in the strategic development of the artistic trajectory, and deals with the productional and logistic follow-up of Diederik's activities at SPIN.

This includes the following tasks

– Coordinating and translating artistic decisions into organisational procedures

– Long-term planning, preparation and budgeting of projects

– Draft, proofread and send internal communication (creative team members, SPIN members) and external communication (newsletter project partners, website, production files...)

– Co-initiate and follow-up partnerships

– Co-write grant applications and reports

– Organise and execute logistics for residencies and tourdates (transport set, transport and accommodation team, relationship with partners...)

– Negotiate and monitor fees for artistic collaborators

– Negotiate and draft contracts with co-producers and presentation partners

– Send payroll lists to SPIN & L’Amicale

– Prepare invoices

– Update and control the general budget and various creation budgets

– Update planning and project calendar

– Respond to administrative requests from SPIN (contributing to balance sheets, forecasts...)

– Quarterly accounting reconciliation with SPIN

SPIN offers

– A pleasant, safe and inspiring working environment.

– Contract: 0.4 FTE (2 days per week) according to CAO PC 304 (Belgian collective agreement), for 6 months, renewable thereafter. Possibility of FTE increase depending on subsidies, co-productions and distribution. Seniority to be determined by mutual agreement. Different contracts possible according to your statute.

– Flexible working hours, partly depending on artistic activities. Together we ensure that 40% = 40%

– Extra: work laptop, expense allowances for telephone and commuting.

Start date of employment

Between June and October 2023, by mutual agreement and subject to availability. A handover with the current producer is foreseen.

About Diederik Peeters

Despite a degree in visual arts, Peeters quickly got lost in the performing arts. He popped up in the work of fellow artists, cunningly disguised as actor, performer or even advisor (Miet Warlop, Erna Omarsdottir, Superamas, Sarah & Charles, Grand Magasin...). But above all, he insists on brewing his own artistic concoctions, sometimes in collaboration with carefully chosen cronies. He mostly makes performances, but has also been caught writing texts, devising installations, videos, podcasts.... The notion of a solid and unchanging reality is stubbornly sabotaged to reveal a universe in which everything is constantly transforming and nothing remains what it seems.

His own creations include 'Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep, he waits...' (2007, with Danai Anesiadou & Hans Bryssinck), 'Thriller' (2009), 'Zanahoria' (2010, with Hans Bryssinck), 'Red Herring' (2011), 'Hulk' (2013), 'La Chasse' (2015, with Julien Fournet) and 'Apparitions' (2019). These projects were realised with the support of a wide network of partners such as Kaaitheater, Vooruit, STUK, BUDA, Gessnerallee, Le Vivat, De Brakke Grond, Centre Pompidou, Schauspiel Leipzig... They have been shown in various theatres in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Norway, Estonia and Iceland.

Peeters' work is always created in very close collaboration with a team of various collaborators. A horizontal and transdisciplinary approach goes without saying: the lighting designer is involved in the dramaturgy, the production assistant provides feedback on the performers, and the performers think along about sound and scenography. In this approach, production work is considered an intrinsic and integral part of the artistic process. The way the production of a creation is conceived will determine process and outcome, as much as the input of actors, dramaturgs or sound designers.

From 2019 to the end of 2022, Peeters was affiliated to KASK / Hogent as a researcher of the research project 'Futurology of Cooperation'. He regularly gives workshops or lectures and acts as a mentor in schools such as Ritcs, P.A.R.T.S, KASK or Universiteit Antwerpen. Together with Kate McIntosh and Hans Bryssinck he founded SPIN, a Brussels support and reflection platform for artistic practice.

During the next two seasons, the main focus will be on the creation of the new project 'Confabulations'. In addition, a number of previous shows will go on tour.

About SPIN

SPIN is an arts organisation that provides a tailor-made framework for the artistic trajectories of artists Anna Rispoli, Diederik Peeters, Hans Bryssinck, Kate McIntosh and Marnie Slater. Based in Brussels, the organisation works in several European and non-European countries.

At the heart of SPIN are self-organisation, collective autonomy, openness and collaboration. SPIN is driven from artistic practice and from close consultation with the artists. Different disciplines come together in SPIN. SPIN is an organisation in constant development.

SPIN is a Brussels-based organisation with staff currently also active in Berlin and Mexico City.

SPIN creates a non-discriminatory, self-organised and independent space for discourse on collaboration, solidarity, asymmetry and sustainability. We value a working environment in which discrimination is handled sensitively. We prioritise good collaboration between colleagues and artists and make space for different lifeworlds and experiences.

For this vacancy, we make a warm call to people who experience structural forms of discrimination, e.g. BIPOC people, FLINTA people, people with an individual or family history in migration, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses and other people disadvantaged by their effective or inscribed social and educational status.

SPIN is structurally supported by the Flemish Government and cooperates with a large network of domestic and foreign co-producers and partners.

SPIN also cooperates structurally with L'Amicale (Lille, F) - in particular for Diederik Peeters' projects, an associated production is set up between SPIN and L'Amicale.

How to apply?

Send your CV together with a motivation letter before the 1st of May 2023 to diederik@spinspin.be (digital only). We will look together for a good date for a first job interview. If you have questions about this call, the selection-procedure or about the job, don’t hesitate to contact Diederik at the same address.

Applications from people with a relevant personal or professional background and experience are encouraged. We particularly encourage people who experience structural discrimination to apply.