Netwerk Podium

Workshop, Talks, Exchange, 2018 - 2019

Development and production by Laura Deschepper

Netwerk Podium is a group of diverse Rotterdam based initiatives and collectives, which organise activities in WORM. All these practices have a community focus and use the institution in various ways: as a venue to present art, as a house to develop their practice, as a shelter to develop a safe/r/ space, as a mentor to be supported, as a bar conversationist... Within this amalgam you find collectives and practices that focus on local scenes such as the hiphop communities, the queer communities, the local/cosmopolitan communities and the people who live near WORM. WORM set up this network in order to research and deepen those relationships and to foster exchanges between these practices.

In 2018 - 2019 Netwerk Podium participated in a series of workshops, conversations and exchanges. This trajectory was developed and produced by Laura Deschepper / SPIN in conversation with Janpier Brands / WORM.

Initiated by WORM
Development and Procuction by Laura Deschepper
Support by WORM
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