The search for flexibility and resilience

Laura Deschepper
Publication, 2019

Colloquium Cultuur Management 2019

In 2019 SPIN was invited to the Cultural Management annual colloquium, which focussed on business models.

"Every year the Fund for Culture Management organizes a colloquium on a theme that is alive in the art and culture sector. In this way, the Fund wants to contribute to knowledge sharing within the sector.
On Wednesday 22 May 2019, the Fund for Cultural Management of the University of Antwerp organized its annual colloquium. Under pressure of digitization, cultural and creative organizations have to rethink their way of working. Finding an innovative business model is the new buzz word in the cultural sector at both European and local level.
A business model is more than a revenue model: you start from the values you want to convey and for whom. And then you think about the right partners, the appropriate channels and resources. Now that everyone is looking for additional funding sources, a business model can be a useful way to think holistically about the architecture of your own organization." (, 2019)

In preparation of the presentation I wanted to address the link between values on the organisation model. Instead of listing the core values, I made an ABC list which I composed out of SPIN's documentation from the last years. Some of it is clear, other parts are vague and open to interpretation. But most of all, I had fun reciting it during the very serious colloquium.


On a more real serious note though, I elaborated on the principles that are important to our organisation: self organisation, collective autonomie, collaboration, and responsiveness.

After the colloquium we were invited to write a piece about our platform and it's organisation model. Sadly, It is only available in Dutch in the publication 'Business modellen in de culturele sector: hype, noodzaak of schrikbeeld?' by Annick Schramme & Barbara Delft. You can find it here.