1. Free Palestine, Ceasefire Now
2. A lot of movement under S P I N’s sky
3. Hear Me Out
4. Biennalocene / Metropolitan Charter of the Rights of Cultural Work
5. Upcoming & Recent

This year there’s been a lot of movement under S P I N’s sky!
We welcome artists Anna Rispoli and Marnie Slater, plus Elie Agniel in the office and Laëtitia Miranda-Neri as producer with Diederik…

The work on critical tools and empowering platforms for the cultural sector keeps on producing exciting results. You can listen to the podcast documenting Hear me out: A Teach-in on Conflict Expression and read the Metropolitan Charter of the Rights of Cultural Work developed in Venice.

And in this painful moment of history, when violence and war are imposing immense suffering to civilian populations, we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are being ignored on the international stage. We would like to share useful tools for independent sources of information such as this collaborative syllabus initiated by artists and activists Maddalena Fragnito and Sandra Cane: a growing collection of reports, critical thinking and thoughts.

1. Free Palestine, Ceasefire Now.

While we demand that violence towards civilians stops immediately and that the right to self-determination is recognized as a necessary step towards peace, we try to rely on free and independent sources of information. Here is a collaborative syllabus initiated by care and transfeminist activists and artists Maddalena Fragnito and Sandra Cane.

You can consider donating to a list of trusted organizations active on the field.

2. A lot of movement under S P I N’s sky

The constellation of S P I N expanded! Anna Rispoli and Marnie Slater joined in January 2023 as artists and co-directors. We are looking forward to the next years together…

We wave a warm farewell to Laura Deschepper who after 6 beautiful years left the office in the good hands of Elie Agniel aka "Master of Complications". Welcome Elie!

After 6 years of joyful collaboration with Marion Le Guerroué, Diederik is happy to welcome a new producer, Laëtitia Miranda-Neri. Marion remains involved in his projects as an artistic collaborator, and Laëtitia is in charge of general production management.

Meanwhile, the “Wallets” are a way that S P I N supports guest practices - offering a light yet robust administrative tool for independent artists and artworkers. In 2023 S P I N gave Wallet support to: Radical Hope, Ghyslaine Gau, Adva Zakai and Laura Deschepper. A warm goodbye to School of Love who will team up with Nadine for their new project.

3. Hear Me Out

A podcast by Ash Kilmartin documenting Hear Me Out: A Teach-in on Conflict Expression held at kunstencentrum BUDA in July 2023 (organised by Marnie Slater, James Parnell and Laura Deschepper) will be launched on Radio WORM.

The podcast features conflict mediator Aline Bauwens, community-based project Creatives with Unseen Disabilities, social healer Lucas Johnson, writer and activist Olave Nduwanje and contributions from those who joined us at BUDA.

You can listen to the broadcast from 3 to 5pm on 19 November here. After the launch the podcast will be available online.

4. Biennalocene / Metropolitan Charter of the Rights of Cultural Work

The performance of Biennalocene (by Anna Rispoli & Institute of Radical Imagination) created for the opening of the Architecture Biennale of Venice 2023, was the trigger for the cultural workers to get organized together with Sale Docks, Mi Riconosci and ADL Cobas, to write a Metropolitan Charter of the Rights of Cultural Work demanding the Biennale be accountable for the work conditions of its events.
The Charter will be presented during the closing event of the Biennale on 24 November, and is already provoking discussions. You can read the Charter here.

5. Upcoming and Recent

Check here for S P I N’s recent & coming dates