During 2017-2022 Laura Deschepper was the administration and office Key-Master at SPIN, and during 2019-2022 Laura was a co-director of SPIN.

Laura (1992) is an art worker who focuses on arts production, development and business coordination.
Besides operating as such, activism takes on an important role as well, one that zooms in on connecting and supporting fellow queer community members.

Laura is currently astral projecting between Brussels and Rotterdam, between organisations and DIY grassroots initiatives. Within the realms of arts and community activism, she has worked with ThisisMAMA, B√Ętard festival, WORM (Netwerkpodium), Queer Rotterdam, Aay Liparoto, The Ministry of Operatic Affairs, WACCO- cultural centers and SKaGeN.

Hear Me Out: A Teach-in on Conflict Expression, 2023
Marnie Slater, James Parnell, and Laura Deschepper
Netwerk Podium, 2021
Laura Deschepper, Jan Hiddink, Sammie Sedano
Open Bazaar #2 -, 2020
Laura Deschepper
Panel Discussion
Not Found On, 2019 - ongoing
Aay Liparoto
Research project (Website, Workshops, Publication, Installation)
The search for flexibility and resilience, 2019
Laura Deschepper
Netwerk Podium, 2018 - 2019
Workshop, Talks, Exchange
Returning to (fan)fiction, 2018
Laura Deschepper
Exhibition, Publication