Time at Work

SPIN OFF, 2016

A project by SPIN with Hans Bryssinck, Antoine Defoort, Mathilde Maillard, Ingrid Vranken

with the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie

UPDATE UPDATE our TIME AT WORK working schedule for Wednesday (7/12), Thursday (8/12) and Friday (9/12) - hot off the press.

WEDNESDAY 7/12 - Technological time / lack of time
9h00 - space opens
9h30 - introduction of the day
9h30 > 13h30 Exploring productivity methods & apps together
13h30 - Collective soup! - BRING A BOWL A SPOON AND A VEGETABLE
15h - Pierre-Alexandre Klein / Hackistan
16h45 - closing the day together


THURSDAY 8/12 - Marking the time
9h00 - space opens
9h30 - introduction of the day
13h00 - Collective soup! - BRING A BOWL A SPOON AND A VEGETABLE
14h - exploring marking time and rituals, with undertaker Katia Vanhemelryck
15h - Marking time with sound, with Stevie Wishart


FRIDAY 9/12 - Closing time
9h30 - introduction of the day
9h40 - working time
13h00 - Collective soup! - BRING A BOWL A SPOON AND A VEGETABLE
14h00 - working time
17h00 - Apéro & presentations - Everyone welcome!

Looking forward to spending time together!


UPDATE UPDATE our TIME AT WORK working schedule for Monday (5/12) and Tuesday (6/12) - hot off the press.


9h00 - space opens
9h20 - introduction of the day
9h30 > 13h30 dreaming session on Time with Mala Kline
13h30 - PicNic lunch - TAKE YOUR PICNIC!
14h00 - Installing the space & working time
16h45 - closing the day together


9h00 - space opens
9h45 - introduction of the day
10h00 > 13h00 tree discovery with Juliana Castro (Wear weather appropriate clothing!)
13h30 - working time
16h45 - closing the day together

More to come soon, and let's leave some room for unexpected meeting and surprises.


We're getting very excited. In one week time - from Monday the 5th of December until Friday the 9th of December - we'll be occupying the 4th floor of the Kaaistudio's with our temporary co-workingspace TIME AT WORK.

If you are in Brussels and looking for a place to continue your daily working practice in a collective environment, we hope you will join us for a few hours or the full 5 days of co-working, sharing and experimenting. We will be offering you the space where you can work on your own projects as well as take some time to be inspired and influenced by our guests and other co-workers. The focus of the whole week will be the topic of TIME.

Our aim is to not only discuss time-related issues and practices, but also look for ways to let the ‘theory’ influence and alter our very real working practices during this week together.

We approach this week through the open space principles:
Whoever comes are the right people
Whatever happens is the only thing that could've happened
When it starts is the right time
When it's over, it's over.

Some updates and practical info:

WHERE: 4th Floor of the Kaaistudio's - Rue Notre Dame du Sommeil 82, 1000 Brussels

WHEN: From Monday 5/12 until Friday 9/12
The space will be open from 9h00 until 17h00. You can come in when you like, but we recommend coming in either between 9h and 10h or between 13h and 14h to be hosted comfortably and make the most of your day.

WHAT: Each day the program will be slightly different and adapted to the practice of our guests. There will be at least one intervention each day. A detailed programm will be distributed on Friday so keep an eye on our website and facebook. You can join our collective program or do your own thing.

WHO: On Monday we look at the potentiality of time through dreaming practices with Mala Kline.Tuesday we'll explore the length of time by meeting up for a walk with Juliana Castro and the trees of St. Gilles. On Wednesday we'll be provoked into thinking about pro-active and re-active time with Pierre-Aleksandre Klein. While on Thursday we'll mark the time with master of ceremony and undertaker Katia Vanhemelryck. And some more surprise guests will join us as well. Friday we will take the time to close the week together, question our experiences and exchange over an informal apéro.

HOW: The program is free and inscription is not needed, however a ‘heads up’ by replying to this mail is appreciated. We will prepare a daily communal soup - please take a bowl, a spoon and a vegetable with you.

Looking forward to our time together,

Hans Bryssinck, Rasa Alksnyte, Ingrid Vranken